341 MacLaren Executive Apartments

Formerly The Bostonian Executive Suites.

Theatre Room 1Welcome to the new 341 MacLaren Executive Apartments, formerly The Bostonian Executive Suites. While we are no longer a hotel, the value we offer to our guests remains the same.

We specialize in one bedroom and bachelor apartments.

What You Should Know:

  • Our apartment include many amenities, including 24/7 onsite exercise facilities, and complimentary Internet and unlimited long-distance anywhere in North America!


Games Room 1Executive Apartments Designed Expressly For:

  • Urban Professionals on the Move
  • Government Contractors
  • Soon-to-be Condo Owners
  • Ottawa Students Seeking Clean, and Safe Professional Accomodations

The onsite staff at 341 MacLaren offers an exceptional professional guest experience. With a wide range of amenities and benefits, you will enjoy hassle-free advantages of living in an apartment.

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We look forward to your stay with us.